Sylvie Naidoo

My name is Sylvie Naidoo, I am a Senior Executive of a major hotel group in South Africa and a mother of two. Over the years through my trials and tribulations I have come to redefine my relationship with God. Although this has been a difficult path, health wise, it has brought me many blessings and wonderful experiences that I would like to share.

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Roy Ramlugan

My name is Roy Ramlugan, 52 years of age, and I want to share my amazing experience with you. I am a tradesman by profession, but I was a driver for the city buses for many years.

Around 1993 I started experiencing pains in my upper back and spine. The pain was bearable at first and then it came to a point where I had to get the doctors involved. I was told that the nodes at the top of my spine were fusing, hence the excruciating pain. This had unfortunately affected my driving as well. According to the specialists I had to undergo surgery but they couldn’t guarantee me 100% recovery as the spine is a sensitive area to operate. I absolutely refused as I was the bread winner in my family and I couldn’t afford being out of a job or live with the decision that I might be a vegetable the rest of my life. 

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Charmaine Govender

My name is Charmaine Govender age 34 years and I live in Phoenix, South Africa. In 2002 I had a fertility problem whereby I could not conceive due to 2nd stage endometriosis. I did go for a surgical procedure to treat myself but we still could not conceive. My husband and I thereafter started a series of very costly fertility programs with a very reputable specialist and this also proved to be unsuccessful. During this 3 year period, my husband and I endured extreme physical and emotional stress which left us financially drained and lost for answers.

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Alan Govender

My name is Alan Govender, I am 34 years of age and currently employed as the engineering Manager at an Exclusive Furniture manufacturing company. On the 07th August 2003 I received a call-out at approximately 10:00 p.m. which required me to drive back to my place of employment in order to fix a machine which had broken down. At the intersection close to home I noticed that the street lights were not working, I assumed it was a power failure and continued. Further along the road I noticed flashes of light in the distance, of what looked like fire. However once I got closer I realized that it was gunfire. I tried to frantically escape the cross fire by attempting to reverse my car but in the process I realized that I had lost sensation in one of my legs. This was when it dawned on me that I had been shot.

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