Sylvie Naidoo

My name is Sylvie Naidoo, I am a Senior Executive of a major hotel group in South Africa and a mother of two. Over the years through my trials and tribulations I have come to redefine my relationship with God. Although this has been a difficult path, health wise, it has brought me many blessings and wonderful experiences that I would like to share.

In 2002 surgeons discovered that I had clotting and swelling around the brain, as I suffered with major headaches and spurts of passing out unconscious. I was told that I would require brain surgery and I knew as well that it was a dangerous procedure as advised by the surgeons. This really worried me as the doctors advised that there was a 50% chance of success and needless to say all that went through my mind was my family and my boys.

It was at this point I turned to Viven for spiritual healing. On my second prayer session I felt like I was really being operated on, which Viven explained to me that the Spirit doctors are at work. The pain became intense and only started to calm down with prayer. My nose started to bleed and I felt nauseous. There was an awful amount of fluid draining. I felt awful, as if I had just undergone surgery but my head felt lighter and I was no longer experiencing intense pain. I went from approximately 15 pain killers a day to none. Viven has continued to pray for me and I knew I was on the mend. I went for another CAT scan and there was no clotting or swelling. As you can only imagine I was ecstatic and knew that my life was restored.

Now in 2010 reflecting back I continued to appreciate the lessons from the healing I received and my involvement with the Sanctuary Guides, the Spirit Doctors and God. I have also learnt from Viven how to do my own healings and through the years I have successfully used spiritual healing to improve my health and state of mind.

I pray that God will touch your life as He has done mine, and that He will continue to bless the Sanctuary for the help and assistance they provide in helping those that are in need to find their true self within.