Roy Ramlugan

My name is Roy Ramlugan, 52 years of age, and I want to share my amazing experience with you. I am a tradesman by profession, but I was a driver for the city buses for many years.

Around 1993 I started experiencing pains in my upper back and spine. The pain was bearable at first and then it came to a point where I had to get the doctors involved. I was told that the nodes at the top of my spine were fusing, hence the excruciating pain. This had unfortunately affected my driving as well. According to the specialists I had to undergo surgery but they couldn’t guarantee me 100% recovery as the spine is a sensitive area to operate. I absolutely refused as I was the bread winner in my family and I couldn’t afford being out of a job or live with the decision that I might be a vegetable the rest of my life. 

For many many months I lived with that horrid pain and I eventually was boarded off from work. It was the worse time of my life, but I had a family to support! After being so disappointed with unsuccessful treatments from doctors, physiotherapy, massage and muscle techniques and an exhausted medical aid etc, I was prepared to look at other avenues to live a pain free life again.

By God’s will I was introduced to Viven Perumal from The Sanctuary of Truth and Wisdom in 2003. Little did I know that, that one meeting would change my life forever. For the first time I was introduced to terms like Spiritual healing, white light, free will, guides, etc. Viven started healings on my back and for couple of months thereafter, with astonishing results. I HAD NO MORE PAIN. I was told that I just needed to believe and be positive that there will be no more pain and that my spine will be normal again and that’s exactly what I had done. It was as easy as that. I could see a future for myself and my family again. I was just the happiest person around, as I was able to do the simplest of daily tasks normally again, which we take for granted.

Since I was already out of a job, I needed to work again and decided to open my own business, not behind a desk, but back to the job I loved doing best. I opened up an aluminum business, and started doing the manual work myself, which I thought would never be possible.

Today, my business has taken itself to levels I would have never imagined it to be. I can drive my own car and provide for my family. Viven has helped me to move through turmoil to find peace and calmness within myself. His healing touch and intuitive wisdom has helped to initiate my own healing process. In those few months it was an incredible journey of discovery, truth and powerful healings. I’m truly grateful to him and the Guides and God.

Over the past years since my healings with Viven, I’ve come across many people that have received healings from the Sanctuary, all with positive outcomes. Many lives have been touched and a positive impact made, through healing giving back their health, life and self belief through God’s grace and compassion. The healing is done with pure love which can only come from the sincere dedication of the healers, the Guides and the God.

Thank you, God, Viven and everybody else that works with you. You are all beautiful beings of God, sharing your gifts with others, with deepest respect, admiration and gratitude. All praises be to God, our Father of us all.

R. Ramlugan