Charmaine Govender

My name is Charmaine Govender age 34 years and I live in Phoenix, South Africa. In 2002 I had a fertility problem whereby I could not conceive due to 2nd stage endometriosis. I did go for a surgical procedure to treat myself but we still could not conceive. My husband and I thereafter started a series of very costly fertility programs with a very reputable specialist and this also proved to be unsuccessful. During this 3 year period, my husband and I endured extreme physical and emotional stress which left us financially drained and lost for answers.

I finally got in touch with Viven Perumal from the Sanctuary of Truth and Wisdom, and asked for help and prayer, not fully understanding what spiritual healing was about. My husband and I felt that prayer and spiritual healing would be the next best option for us.

Viven came around and explained about healing, the guides and spirit doctors, and we started our healing journey together. During my first healing session I did not feel much but Viven told me that I should also start my healing process within myself, go in a quiet room and start meditating, get inner piece within yourself. I very surprised when Viven came to see me on second healing session that is when I felt something that was totally out of my world. It all started with me visualizing a pure white light, he would place his hand over my lower stomach and that is when I experienced my stomach feeling hot and there was a the very slow movement within my stomach. It felt like there was something inside my stomach but he explained that it was the healing process.

We continued healing for about 5 regular sessions. Thereafter a month later I was late for my menstrual cycle, at first I did not think too much of it because we had previously felt the same when I was under fertility treatment. Two weeks had gone by and I was still late, that is when I told my husband to get a home pregnancy test from the pharmacy, it was to our surprise and miracle that I was finally pregnant. There were no words for myself and husband as to joy we were experiencing. The first call I made after confirming the result with a blood test was to Viven to express out total faith and appreciation to him. He remarked, “thank God”. On the 14 of February 2005 our first child was born. She was a healthy baby girl. We still maintained close contact with Viven and also recommended family and friends to his Sanctuary.

We were now a very excited and growing family, I decided not to go on any contraceptive due to our past problems. Two years had passed and we were blessed again by God, I was pregnant for the second time. It was all fine until the later part of my pregnancy, the doctor informed me on my routine checkup that the baby’s head was not growing at the rate it should be. This was a total shock for me and my husband. A decision was made for me to remove the baby immediately so that the risk could be minimized. We immediately contacted Viven to visit us so that some healing could be done before I went into theater. Again this healing session proved to be very positive for me because I visualized the light and was able to feel the healing taking place. During the healing as my eyes were closed I saw a white light inside my womb and I felt movement.

I gave birth at 34 weeks, 5 weeks premature. My baby was kept in the neonatal ward for approximately 1 week and thereafter released with a clean bill of health. My baby was subjected to numerous routine tests to check any abnormality and brain damage but fortunately there was none. At this point we needed to monitor progress very closely due to the circumstances. My baby is now 3 years old, her head is perfect and she is growing as a normal child would.

At present my 2 beautiful girls are growing up healthily due to our healing friend Viven. The very important aspect of the process is very dependant on yourself; you need to make yourself believe in this type of healing, believe in God and most of all believe in yourself, so that it can work for you with positive results.