Alan Govender

My name is Alan Govender, I am 34 years of age and currently employed as the engineering Manager at an Exclusive Furniture manufacturing company. On the 07th August 2003 I received a call-out at approximately 10:00 p.m. which required me to drive back to my place of employment in order to fix a machine which had broken down. At the intersection close to home I noticed that the street lights were not working, I assumed it was a power failure and continued. Further along the road I noticed flashes of light in the distance, of what looked like fire. However once I got closer I realized that it was gunfire. I tried to frantically escape the cross fire by attempting to reverse my car but in the process I realized that I had lost sensation in one of my legs. This was when it dawned on me that I had been shot.

This was the start of a very traumatic period for me as well as my family. I was taken to one of the top hospitals in Durban and at the hospital it was established that the bullet had entered through my abdomen, and had severed both the nerves to my right leg as well as part of my colon and then had lodged itself in my spine. This resulted in a fractured spine and injuries to my spinal cord, amongst others. My wife and family were informed that there was a very slim chance of me surviving and even if I did survived, I may not be able to regain the use of my legs.

I first underwent an operation to resection my colon. The doctors informed my family that they should prepare themselves for the worst. That same night my fever spiked and my blood pressure dropped. Infection had set in and they were about to lose me. This was the night that I dreamt of walking through a battlefield with fires burning all around me, and as I continued walking I reached the very top of a hill which was surrounded by beautiful flowers and a glorious blue sea in front of me. It was at this juncture that I met with two of my deceased relatives who had recently passed on. They told me that I had to go back because my time had not yet arrived. A second operation was required to curb the infection. The doctors were highly skeptical about me pulling through the second operation but it was vitally necessary to save my life. I spent three days on a respirator but eventually was able to breathe and talk on my own. The surgeons were flabbergasted that I had come through both operations so quickly and told me that whatever prayer I had prayed had stood me in good stead and helped me overcome this trauma.

Although everyone was ecstatic that I had made it through, it then was established that I had absolutely no sensation in my right leg and the bullet of an AK47 was still lodged in my spine was the cause of concern to the surgeons and much depression to me. This bullet was positioned in such a manner that it made it very dangerous and nearly impossible for the surgeons to attempt to remove it surgically. Three doctors confirmed that I may have to live with this bullet as is and I would have to be on my back for 3 months.

It was at this point in time that one of my friends approached Viven Perumal from the Sanctuary of Truth and Wisdom to come and pray for me in hospital. I had no idea of what type of healing Viven did or how he could help, but I accepted the prayer and healing as I was desperate. It was a Sunday night when Viven came in and prayed for me. During the healing I got very hot and I had tingling in my feet that I was supposed to have no sensation. He then told me that I would experience tremendous heat that very night and the Spirit Surgeons will continue the healing at night and move the bullet from that specific part of the spine to another point where it would be easily accessible for the hospital doctors to remove physically. He also said that I should not worry about the heat during the night because this type of sensation is generally experienced during healing. This is due to the fact that the Guides heal with the White Light of God, which brings much heat. Also, they would work to repair the damage of my nerves and that he would come back the next day to pray for me again.

That night the nurses had to change my sheets three times because they were soaked through with perspiration. My leg which was previously numb began tingling, there was pain but something told me to bear this pain as it was part of the healing process. On Viven's next visit the following night, I told him about my experiences from the previous night and he reaffirmed that the Spirit Doctors had been busy helping me and this is why I had such an experience and continued what effectively was my second healing with him.

The next day the physiotherapist came in to massage my back to rid my chest of fluid that was collecting there as a result of me being in a reclining position constantly. While massaging my back she felt a lump. They immediately called the surgeon who upon inspection informed me that the bullet had somehow moved and they would now be able to remove it with just a local anesthetic. The doctors had been unable to remove it previously because it would be precarious trying to remove it from my spine which could have resulted in paralysis. I was then taken back for X-rays and the doctors could not find a hairline fracture in my spine, where the bullet was lodged. The physiotherapist then started sitting me up for short periods of time.

A couple of days later I started walking with the aid of a hospital walker with wheels and later progressed to crutches. I spent one month in the intensive care unit and a further week in a general ward. On my discharge my doctors informed me that my case was nothing short of a miracle.

Over the next few weeks, Viven continued to visit my home and continue the healing. Today I walk with no sign of being hurt, have a normal life and remain grateful to firstly God and to The Sanctuary of Truth and Wisdom for helping me through the worst period in my life. It is indeed a miracle. God Bless.

Alan Govender (01 March 2008)