About Us

dove and blast of light

The Sanctuary of Truth and Wisdom has been established in 2004 by Viven Perumal, as a Spiritual Healing Sanctuary, focussed on spiritual healing, teaching and mentoring aspirants in discovering their true personality within. The Sanctuary is situated in the city of Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal province, in South Africa and is a non profit organisation and is also involved with community welfare projects.

Viven leads the Sanctuary and has been a spiritual healer for many years. However he has been mentored by his parents Mr. Larry and Nelsie Moonsamy, from an early age on the spiritual teachings of the East. He has also been guided and developed in Spiritual Healing by Alf Reynolds from the Sanctuary of Love and Light and Norah and Bill Currer, M.B.E. Bill and Norah founded the White Chapel in 1966. Bill is a Master in Spirit, and has laid the foundation in the White Chapel for the Sanctuary of Truth and Wisdom, to continue the work of our beloved Master Christ, upon the earth plane.

The Sanctuary is also renowned for its contribution in propagating and continuing the teachings and work of the Christ consciousness. The Sanctuary hosts seminars, training channels to heal with the White Light. All teachings in the Sanctuary of Truth and Wisdom have been inherited from the White Chapel. The teachings or lectures as we refer to them have been channelled from Spirit in the White Chapel through High Guides, like Simon the brother of Christ whom we call Padre, John, Joshua, Luke and others. There are about 800 lectures that have been recorded and transcribed, part of which is published on this site. The Lectures and teachings are Highly Spiritual and teach man about every facet of life and how to become closer to the Christ Spirit within. We have been blessed by Spirit to share and spread these teachings, to bring much peace and understanding to all at this stage of creation, a true benefit to all Mankind.

The Sanctuary of Truth and Wisdom has meditation circles and is opened for healings. The members in the sanctuary help with healings and other spiritual endeavours and community work. The Sanctuary is a beacon of Light for all of God’s children seeking to become at one with The Mother-Father God. People visit the sanctuary for the purpose of spiritual healing, psychic operations, counselling, regression, exorcisms and mentorship.

We know that many will find this site useful in unlocking the mind and opening one’s heart to the Christ power and may The Father be your Guiding Light always. The watchword of the Sanctuary is, “to think and speak in positive perfection.”

God’s Blessings to All.