Spiritual Healing

Our Sanctuary is a Spiritual Centre dedicated to healing, God’s most precious gift to man. The healing that is practiced in the Sanctuary is the healing that our Beloved Father, Jesus Christ practiced whilst He walked upon the earth plane over 2000 years ago and the same healing performed by the Siddah’s of Lord Shiva like Saint Ramalinga in South India, which brings much peace and comfort to those that are in pain and distress.

All healing practices and methods performed in the Sanctuary have been taught by Spirit of the Highest. These teachings originate from the White book of knowledge in Spirit and were brought through as lectures through our deep trance sanctuary medium, Queenie Vorster from 1966 in the White Chapel. These teachings were recorded and transcribed. All Spiritual healings practiced in the Sanctuary are of the same form of healing practiced in the higher Spiritual planes.

Over the years the healing has been evolved, developed and advanced through the guidance of Spirit. The healings are conducted by Spirit Healers and Doctors that work through the physical healers or channels. The healing Light, a brilliant White Light, is a deep penetrating vibration that generates much heat in the physical body.

Psychic Surgery is performed by Spirit Surgeons and Doctors. During these operations the patient can be anaesthetized at the outset of the healing. For this form of healing to take place, the patient has to be at the most optimal of vibrations and the Spirit Doctors know exactly who will receive surgery of this nature. It must be also stated that every healing, no matter if the patient is anaesthetized or not, is an operation, as the molecular structure of the body is altered to perfection by Spirit. These healings are quite a common occurrence in the Sanctuary, with many miracles performed. Some of the results achieved have been severe spinal problems being rectified, defective organs corrected, tumors removed completely certain and cancers cleared, to mention but a few.

Spiritual healing also addresses the root cause of the problem which resides in the subconscious mind of the patient. Part of the healing process is to identify and clear the negativity in the patient’s subconscious mind. These negativities, such as anger, frustration, fear, worry, past pain, etc. have no foundation and serves only to condition the subconscious mind to function in a negative manner. However, the only purpose of the subconscious mind is to control all functioning of the body, and if the mind is negative then the body will also function in a negative manner, materialising many sicknesses, diseases and body ailments. By clearing the root cause of the problem in the subconscious mind the body can be successfully healed.

All healers that work in the Sanctuary are humbled by the healings performed, and acknowledge that without the Christ power, none of this would be possible. We thank the Divine Father, our Beloved Bill and Norah Currer and All Masters of the White Light, for the blessings of being channels, able to serve Spirit in many ways, by the healings being performed.